Designing your Sports Resume using College Connect

Sample resume

The first contact that you have with the College Coach should be sending him your Sports Resume.

According to our research we have determined that the resume must be:

  • Short -should only be one page, coaches are too busy to look at more.
  • Printable - since many athletes give out resumes out at tournaments and other events to visiting coaches and some coaches like to print them out
  • Complete - Should have both athletic and academic data, since college coaches need to know that the athletes have the background that will allow them to enter their college.
  • Contact info - the coach needs to be able to contact the athlete so it's important that all the information be easily accessible.
  • Pictures - we allow you to upload as many pictures as you want, but we ask you to specify two pictures (headshot and a wide shot) that show prominently on the resume
  • Professional- We’ve designed the resume using our team of graphic artists and coach consultants to give you the kind of resume that is easy to read and looks great. You don't need to be a graphic artist to create a great looking resume, you just need to fill in a few simple forms.
  • Updateable - most athletes start the application process in their sophomore year and finish in their senior year, so you are going to need to update your resume and your pictures a lot. College connect makes it easy.
  • Videos - some coaches want to see some specific videos. For example, some baseball coaches want to see hitting, fielding, running, and in some cases pitching. Rather than sending them a dvd, or a bunch of youtube links, college connect allows you to put all of your videos on one page.

Designing your Resume using College Connect couldn't be easier. All you need to do is to fill in a few forms, upload some pictures and videos, and you have a professional resume that you can send out to coaches!


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