Discovering Colleges with Athletic Programs using College Connect

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Discovery is an important part of the process. Finding the right school is not easy and its very competitive to get an offer from a good program. That why it's important to contact schools where you might have a better chance. There are a lot of division II and division III schools which have excellent programs and are less competitive to get into. By using our discovery tools, you can find out more schools that might be appropriate for you.

College Connect gives you tools to find these schools.

  • State - Search for colleges by the State that you live in since many States offer lower tuition for in-state students
  • Distance - Many athletes want a school within a certain distance from their home. It is not only more convenient, it also allows the College Coach to come see you play in high school. You can search distance, driving distance or driving time.
  • Alternative Locations - Many athletes want a school in a particular area. You can also define alternative places to search from,so if e.g. You want to find colleges within an hour from Seattle, you can define Seattle one of your places and look at colleges in that area.
  • Divisions - Search according to Division I, II, or III teams
  • My Colleges - Create your own list of colleges that you are interested in or have already applied to

Once your list of My Colleges is ready, you can begin sending your Sports Resume to coaches, using our Coach Contact capabilities.


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